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Providing increased profit through better procurement Providing increased profit through better procurement
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Procurement Solutions

For help with more specific needs we have at your disposal an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience covering a wide range of disciplines.

Capital, Facilities and Expense
It may be that you do not carry the skills to support a vital procurement project such as a new IT system or item of production machinery. We can assist in formulating specifications, negotiating terms and conditions of supply, even co-ordinating installation and commissioning programmes whilst always ensuring best value for money.

The best place to save money on manufacturing costs and materials is in the product design phase. We will bridge the gap between design and supply to ensure least cost manufacture and materials for the future.

You may be facing sourcing, qualification or supply problems. To assist you, we have vast experience of international material procurement across a broad spectrum of leading edge technologies. We will also support any supplier, quality assurance, management or development need or initiative on your behalf.

Change Management
We can advise on procurement strategy, systems and methodologies and can undertake any related improvement assignment.

Finally, to help solve your human resource procurement issues we provide help with staff recruitment and can supply bespoke training and mentoring if required.


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